A real challenge

Do you ever wonder why we as  parents worry about our children so? It's because we don't know what the future holds. We don't have any crystal balls lying around so often, we can get caught up in the concerns for the future. How many times have your thoughts rushed ahead to 5, 10, 20 or more years from now, wondering how your child is going to do into adulthood? Here's the rub- you don't know, and you have little to no control. So our challenge as parents is to try to prepare our children as best we can now, and live in the present, not the future. It's a challenge, no? But I firmly believe it can be done, with a little mental discipline.

Just see if  you can take a moment and really take your child in in all his / her beauty and individuality, right now. Don't get caught up in what you need to change, what needs improvement, or how you can fix him. Just appreciate him for who he is, right now. Practice this for a few moments every day. Give yourself this gift- of learning to be present and appreciative. This is something I'm starting to do each day- to set aside concerns, even for a few moments, and appreciate my child. It helps. Gratitude is a great healer and soother for the soul.